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MS Windows 8, 8.1

MS Windows 8, 8.1 Instructions

eduroam® installer will be in the form of an EXE file. It will configure eduroam® on your device, by creating wireless network profiles.

When you click the download button, the installer will be saved by your browser. Copy it to the machine you want to configure and execute.

In order to connect to the network you will need an account from your organisation. You should consult the support page to find out how this account can be obtained. It is very likely that your account is already activated.

When you are connecting to the network for the first time, Windows will pop up a login box, where you should enter your user name and password. This information will be saved so that you will reconnect to the network automatically each time you are in the range.

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If you encounter problems, then you can obtain direct assistance from you home organisation at: